There is much confusion about Berlin’s administrative divisions. Not only foreign developers struggle with the differences of “Mitte-Mitte” and “Mitte” or “Biesdorf” as not being a “Bezirk” but an “Ortsteil” of “Marzahn-Hellersdorf” which again is often mistaken by the “Ortsteil Marzahn”. And what is the difference between a Bezirk an Ortsteil and a Viertel? 

It is easy though, Berlin has twelve administrative division, they are officially called “Bezirk” or “Bezirke” (plural), which is German for “borough”. They are the communal entities which hold specific legal rights. When for example applying for a building permit in one of these boroughs you will need to do this at the respective Bezirksamt. Each borough has it’s own Bezirksamt.

The Bezirke are the following:


These Bezirke have localities which are called “Ortsteile” in German. There are 96 officially recognised localities. They do not have significant legal powers and are sometimes even subdivided into sub-zones, which you call “Viertel” or “Kiez” – but these terms are not official. Of course it is culturally and socially important to explain and to know that you live in e. g. the “Gräfe-Kiez” and this of course us important to identify attractive property, but if you apply for a building permit for the Gräfe-Kiez you will have to do that at the Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

The following tablets will give you a useful overview over all localities of each boroughs:

Localities of Mitte
 (0101) Mitte
 (0102) Moabit
 (0103) Hansaviertel
 (0104) Tiergarten
 (0105) Wedding
 (0106) Gesundbrunnen
Localities of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
 (0201) Friedrichshain
 (0202) Kreuzberg
Localities of Pankow
 (0301) Prenzlauer Berg
 (0302) Weißensee
 (0303) Blankenburg
 (0304) Heinersdorf
 (0305) Karow
 (0306) Stadtrandsiedlung Malchow
 (0307) Pankow
 (0308) Blankenfelde
 (0309) Buch
 (0310) Französisch Buchholz
 (0311) Niederschönhausen
 (0312) Rosenthal
 (0313) Wilhelmsruh
Localities of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
 (0401) Charlottenburg
 (0402) Wilmersdorf
 (0403) Schmargendorf
 (0404) Grunewald
 (0405) Westend
 (0406) Charlottenburg-Nord
 (0407) Halensee
Localities of Spandau
 (0501) Spandau
 (0502) Haselhorst
 (0503) Siemensstadt
 (0504) Staaken
 (0505) Gatow
 (0506) Kladow
 (0507) Hakenfelde
 (0508) Falkenhagener Feld
 (0509) Wilhelmstadt
Localities of Steglitz-Zehlendorf
 (0601) Steglitz
 (0602) Lichterfelde
 (0603) Lankwitz
 (0604) Zehlendorf
 (0605) Dahlem
 (0606) Nikolassee
 (0607) Wannsee
Localities of Tempelhof-Schöneberg
 (0701) Schöneberg
 (0702) Friedenau
 (0703) Tempelhof
 (0704) Mariendorf
 (0705) Marienfelde
 (0706) Lichtenrade
Localities of Neukölln 
 (0801) Neukölln
 (0802) Britz
 (0803) Buckow
 (0804) Rudow
 (0805) Gropiusstadt
Localities of Treptow-Köpenick
 (0901) Alt-Treptow
 (0902) Plänterwald
 (0903) Baumschulenweg
 (0904) Johannisthal
 (0905) Niederschöneweide
 (0906) Altglienicke
 (0907) Adlershof
 (0908) Bohnsdorf
 (0909) Oberschöneweide
 (0910) Köpenick
 (0911) Friedrichshagen
 (0912) Rahnsdorf
 (0913) Grünau
 (0914) Müggelheim
 (0915) Schmöckwitz
Localities of Marzahn-Hellersdorf
 (1001) Marzahn
 (1002) Biesdorf
 (1003) Kaulsdorf
 (1004) Mahlsdorf
 (1005) Hellersdorf
Localities of Lichtenberg
 (1101) Friedrichsfelde
 (1102) Karlshorst
 (1103) Lichtenberg
 (1104) Falkenberg
 (1106) Malchow
 (1107) Wartenberg
 (1109) Neu-Hohenschönhausen
 (1110) Alt-Hohenschönhausen
 (1111) Fennpfuhl
 (1112) Rummelsburg
Localities of Reinickendorf
 (1201) Reinickendorf
 (1202) Tegel
 (1203) Konradshöhe
 (1204) Heiligensee
 (1205) Frohnau
 (1206) Hermsdorf
 (1207) Waidmannslust
 (1208) Lübars
 (1209) Wittenau
 (1210) Märkisches Viertel
 (1211) Borsigwalde

Quelle: / wikimedia


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Dr. Andreas Papp

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